SHARP – Sustainable Hydro Assessment and Groundwater Recharge Projects

Σύντομη περιγραφή

The overall objective of SHARP is to save and protect existing water resources for future generations. To achieve that goal project partners from seven different European countries exchange and develop promising and innovative technologies in the frame of sustainable groundwater management and risk prevention of water supplies which will improve future decisions and actions at the local/regional level. This scope of SHARP supports the
conservation, improvement and sustainable availability of groundwater resources – essential for human beings, animals and plants.
The SHARP project deals in general with innovative tools, methodologies and technologies to enhance the quantity and quality of existing groundwater resources, to protect and save them for future use. Therefore SHARP helps to solve the existing conflict on groundwater reserves between drinking water supply and the water supply for irrigation or industrial use. In that context, all project partners share their knowledge in the area of general groundwater management and transfer their experiences. The close cooperation between project partners coming from European regions with different climate, geological and geographical conditions assures the development of new approaches and innovative solutions of the common problems.


0_SHARP_GP and GPA_Index CD

1_SHARP_GP 1_ GIS vulnerability maps_cover

2_SHARP_GP 2_ Tools for water management plans_cover

3_SHARP_GP 3_ Binominal fee estimation for rational use of water in agriculture

4_SHARP_GP 4_ Web tool to disseminate agricultural best practices codes

5_SHARP_GP 5_ Water Framework Directive Guidelines

6_SHARP_GP 6_ Vulnerability maps

7_SHARP_GP 7_ Aquifer recharge projects

8_SHARP_GP 8_ Systematic monitoring of groundwater and surface water (mining closure)

9_SHARP_GP 9_ Quantifying groundwater-surface water interaction

10_SHARP_GP 10_ Urban groundwater monitoring using 3D geological information to inform hydrogeolo

11_SHARP_GP 11_ Development of a groundwater monitoring database and data capture templates for o

12_SHARP_GP 12_ Digital water book

13_SHARP_GP 13_ KliWES

14_SHARP_GP 14_ Stormwater management – Sustainable precipation management concepts to save wtaer

15_SHARP_GP 15_Artificial groundwater recharge @ Friesach

16_SHARP_GP 16_Artificial groundwater recharge @ Andritz

17_SHARP_GP 17_Aegean water resources digital repository

18_SHARP_GPA 1_Effects on groundwater by mining

19_SHARP_GPA 2_Application of groundwater models with respect to climate change

20_SHARP_GPA 3_ Online monitoring and DSS

21_SHARP_GPA 4_ Geothermal use of groundwater

22_SHARP_GPA 5_SuDS and Groundwater

23_SHARP_GPA 6_How to engage with key stakeholders

24_SHARP_GPA 7_Drinking water safety plans

25_SHARP_GPA 8_Transboundary issues

26_SHARP_GPA 9_Use of DSS for strategies of groundwater resources management

27_SHARP_GPA 10_Groundwater modelling development and verification

28_SHARP_GPA 11_Development of groundwater monitoring for anthropogenic transformed areas

29_SHARP_GPA 12_Raising awarness on different levels

30_SHARP_GPA 13_Techniques to save water quantity

31_SHARP_GPA 14_Water allocation and efficient watre use in agriculture

32_SHARP_GPA 15_Optimization of water ude in agriculture using IT



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