A holistic framework for Empowering SME’s capacity to increase their energy efficiency


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The objective of the project is to “Empower” SMEs to undergo energy audits and implement their proposals. A holistic methodology has been chosen to address different barriers based on three dimensions, i.e. Individual, Organizational and Institutional. The first concerns the design and delivery of an integrated Education & Training (E&T) programme targeting energy related SME staff, of 5 ECTS/EQF 6. At least 720 experts will be trained. The E&T programme will focus on financial and technical data required to prove that specific measures are cost-effective, while the trainees will apply their acquired knowledge to at least 160 pilot installations as practical action. This is connected with the second dimension targeting SME decision makers. In-house short trainings for decision makers of grouped SMEs according to their specificities will be delivered, during the practical action in pilots, by both partners and trainees. Such short trainings will be delivered to operational personnel as well, a total of at least 800 SME persons. Finally, the third dimension relates to targeted workshops where both SME decision makers and stakeholders from entities able to finance energy projects will come together and interact based on the real data provided from pilots, aiming to bridge the gap between energy audits and actual financing of measures. In addition, 4 long lasting training tools will be developed, a) an advanced training handbook in 7 languages, b) A web platform for energy analytics, c) a tool for Monitoring & Targeting, and d) a tool for Measurement & Verification. The above activities will bring significant and validated energy savings in SMEs, and establish suitable energy culture. We estimate that SMEmPower’s actions will result in 24.87 GWh/year primary energy savings and trigger at least 4 mil € of investments. SMEmPower will involve several market actors and multiplier organizations, either as members of Advisory Group, or as participants in various activities.


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