Action Plan for the Promotion of the Cross-border Area as a Competitive Touristic Destination


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The project’s aim is the development of a Marketing Strategic Plan for the promotion and development of cross-border tourism based on sustainable local “products” capable of being promoted in national and international tourist market. In addition, the project will elaborate the implementation of a Value Chain Analysis for the cross-border area, where opportunities and threats of any possible intervention will be identified and the empowerment of the regional key actors as far as development and management of tourism in the cross-border area are concerned. In order to achieve the project’s objectives, the following activities have been planned: – Development of a strategic marketing plan for tourism development in the border area, – Establishment and operation of the cross-border network Tour-Act, – Development of a Destination Management System, – Design, mapping and digitalization of tourist thematic routes in the border area, – Development of a web portal where virtual tours will be presented, – Promotion of the thematic tourist routes through the organization of special missions and tours for specific target groups.


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