Σύντομη περιγραφή

The promotion of cross border entrepreneurship requires multi-stakeholder coordination, clear goals and refined business action plan that will ensure the active participation of key actors from both sides of the border. The project aims at developing tools and synergies in order to facilitate and enhance cross-border partnerships among institutional policy, economic and social actors in the border regions of Albania and Greece that will activate and coordinate local resources in a long-term and bottom-up cooperation strategy. More specifically, the proposed project aims at building upon the existing experiences and partnerships and using it as a cross border vehicle for triggering and utilizing local resources; promoting cross-border entrepreneurial ideas, creativity and activity; improving the innovative characteristics of local business and understanding of common economic problems; gaining from scale effects in economic activities; improving market access and promoting the development of the c-b area. This will be achieved with the design of a targeted cross-border tailored-made integrated Action Plan for Business and Development between Greece and Albania, associated with specific activities such as the establishment of a FORUM, the development of a Digital Business Park, creating and marketing “branded places and products”, launching new financial instruments and implementing pilot actions.


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