Business council


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The main activity of this project is the establishment of business councils – a council composed of representatives of business and local administrations and regulatory authorities, which will discuss the problems and opportunities of both parties. The council will achieve a partnership that will address the main problems encountered by the business in its activities and thus will do to strengthen the factors influencing entrepreneurial success, to stimulate business survival, and to promote entrepreneurial culture, including starting new businesses (start-ups). Information that will be useful for each type of business will be presented, but will focus on the priority sectors: Agro-food industry, Waste management for recycling or energy, Renewable energy and energy saving, Sustainable tourism, Health, Materials – Technology, Textile industry. Barriers that will be removed are difficult access to information, participation in strategic decisions for the sector in which the particular SME operates, dialogue with administrative structures to avoid mistakes and achieving the most realistic picture of the sector in which an SME operates or considers to enter. Increased access to finance, overcome by providing regular and timely information during business councils and the online entrepreneurship platform, will be one of the first steps to facilitate the creation of new businesses and start-ups by new entrepreneurs, as well as the development of existing ones. The active participation of the administrative structures in the development of entrepreneurship in the regions will respond to the challenge of the lack of adequate human resources by planning training programs that meet the needs of the labor market and others.


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