Common methodology for the implementation of Digital Local Agenda and its impact on regional digital policies


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A DLA is a common strategy, shared with citizens, for the development of the Information Society which bears in mind socio-economic, cultural and institutional factors The main objective of the project is to improve regional policies in the fields of DLA for developing new actions related to the application of the IS to public services. To do so, the project will foster a permanent exchange of experience among partners and it will establish a cooperation network to update and improve knowledge on IS and its applications in public administrations’ services As specific objectives, the project seeks: • To design a general DLA transferable to every region • To elaborate a Common Methodology to adapt the general DLA to every particular local situation • To involve all key stakeholders in the project and in the process of building a DLA • To exchange experience • To state the basis for future collaboration The project is structured in 3 years and into the following components: 1. Management The internal coordination will be based on a partnership agreement stating the rights and obligations of the partners; a web-based management system; and a Steering Committee constituted by partners’ representatives to follow up the progress of the project. Besides, partners will engage an external assistance to support them in the management tasks. 2. Communication Communication Policy is addressed to public authorities, citizens and business, as key actors in the development of a Strategy for the IS. It will use all media: internet, press conferences, and publication of brochures, leaflets and an e-newsletter; as well as the organisation of conferences addressed to all agents involved in DLA fields. 3. Exchange of experiences The work will follow a logical framework: diagnosis, sharing experience, and structuring future cooperation. The main outputs of this component will be a General DLA and a Common Methodology for implement it, to guarantee that local characteristics are taken into account 4. Case Study; coordinated by CCDRN and University of West Macedonia. There will be 1 case study in 2 regions (West Macedonia and North Portugal) to probe that the CM designed could be used to adapt the General DLA to a local situation. Furthermore, as these regions are already developing some actions in IS, the case study will also probe the benefits of having a strategy to coordinate the action on IS in the services for citizens DLA project has 11 partners from 9 different EU Member States: • 2 Regional Authorities (Portugal and Ireland) • 3 Associations of Municipalities (Spain, Estonia and Latvia) • 3 Development and Innovation Agencies (Italy, Hungary and Germany) • 3 Universities (Estonia and 2 from Greece)


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