Cross-border Cluster of Social and Cooperative Enterprises


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The project aims to expand opportunities and improve the quality of work in these population groups, especially in those sectors that have been identified by the Regional Strategic Plans as development potential and that are bounded by tradition and crafts of the region, through the promotion of social enterprises. The final goal is to implement a regional cross border system capable of promoting, supporting, enhancing different types of social enterprises that foster the employment and economic integration of vulnerable groups in the region. The main objective of the project is to encourage the sustainable employment integration of vulnerable people groups in the cross-Border area. The urban social life was modified by key factors such as re-entry of emigrants, internal migration, declining birth rates, changing and evolving family structure. The project aims to contribute to the above mentioned goals acting in the specific sector of the social economy and the cooperative enterprises working on the strengthening multi-stakeholders networks in order to develop a common development cross border-strategy and the setting up of cooperatives cross border-clusters. The project is based on the building up of a strong cooperation network among policy makers, social operators and stakeholders.


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