Differentiation of Tourist Product: Eco-Tourism Trails in the Cross-border Area for the Promotion of Alternative Tourism


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The overall aim of the project is the development of eco-tourism & the promotion of the rich natural & cultural resources & wildlife of the CB area. The specific objectives are: – the promotion of alternative tourism as a means of enhancing CB economic development in a sustainable way, – the development of integrated & distinct tourist products by effectively inter-connecting tourist resources & services, – the preservation of biodiversity of the area, the familiarization of visitors with wildlife tourism, – the enhancement of human resources’ expertise on eco-tourism, – the development of cooperation among tourism stakeholders at CB level for development of joint tourism activities. The project will be implemented at Nestorio & Korce regions, which possess natural beauties & places of environmental & cultural/religious interest, are important biotopes of wildlife & provide opportunities for sports activities, making the CB area a promising setting for development of eco-tourism. The project addresses all indentified needs & opportunities adopting a balanced conservation-development approach, ensuring collaboration among local communities, authorities, NGOs, tourism stakeholders.


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