Embracing failure to encourage entrepreneurship and competitiveness


Σύντομη περιγραφή

REBORN project will offer EU regions the opportunity for policy learning and good practices transfer in second chance entrepreneurship as in Europe there are not enough tools and knowledge to assist busineses when failure occurs boosting the SMEs of key regional sectors overcoming the bottlenecks that at present exist. REBORN will be the perfect tool to assist the partners’ regions (Liguria, Murcia, Wallonia, Central Hungary and Lubelskie) to strengthen policies and regional development situation by implementing plans to support “restarters” through a better use of ERDF and other complementary funds aligning efforts with a shared goal. The main objective of REBORN is to contribute to increase European competitiveness and accelerate regional economic growth through the improvement of policy instruments linked to entrepreneurship and business creation support, helping SMEs in all stages of their life cycle, including measures to avoid the “lost entrepreneurship potential”, supporting the capacity of SMEs to engage in growth in regional, national and international markets. The economic impact of legal and administrative procedures for business transfers and bankruptcy on entrepreneurship in the region is an important issue to deal with, as well as fostering an entrepreneurial spirit with high tolerance to failure. REBORN project will contribute, through the incorporation of lessons learnt during the interregional learning into the Actions Plans implemented in the regions, to the Programmes for Investing for Growth and Jobs and European Cohesion, increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in difficulties and enhancing the measures to overcome “stigmatization” of entrepreneurs resulting from bankruptcy.