Σύντομη περιγραφή

Up to 45% of the total energy consumed within most office buildings is consumed during non-working hours. By gaining insight of where and what quantities of energy is consumed on a 24 hour basis, policies can be introduced and actions can be taken to drastically reduce this consumption. Also by knowing details of energy consumed by equipment and appliances within office areas, companies and organizations can proceed to replace high energy consumers with more environmentally friendly equipment while at the same time having actual data to calculate the return on the investment. The project is particularly targeted towards the protection, management and promotion of the environmental resources by implementing an energy monitoring and control system within certain municipalities, districts and government buildings in Greece and Albania in order to measure energy consumed by individual devices, work stations, lighting, heating and cooling systems etc. The project is particularly focused in providing an energy management and control system at a central location which will provide detailed information of when, where and how much energy is consumed.


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