Entrepreneurial Diversity


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Entrepreneurial activities have quite an enormous impact for the economic performance of regions and the renewal of regional knowledge. Fostering entrepreneurship with (semi) public funding contributes to a more prosperous regional economy and can reduce the unemployment rate significantly. The experiences of the project partners as well as acknowledged studies show that entrepreneurial initiatives are successful if different types of services are provided for latent nascent entrepreneurs, nascent entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs: Assessment, Training, Ongoing Consultation, Facilities and Networks. Common business services providers mostly don’t consider these facts due to a limited philosophy: They are providing their services according to a sector, size of business, or a specific target group. This philosophy is insufficient. The only way of overcoming these gaps, coping with the challenges and taking the increasing unemployment rate as a chance to boost Entrepreneurship on regional and local level is to shift from a fragmented support system to a holistic approach. Therefore, a well-developed related network of involved government agencies, regional economic development providers, labour offices, chambers, universities, associations, media and banks is necessary. Those regional networks are providing support to all potential and young entrepreneurs to overcome the initial hurdles of launching their businesses. A well developed network operates much like a public transit system. There are various bus and tramway stops where one can set forth or switch over to another line and a schedule, the business start-up roadmap. The network should also be based on the entrepreneurial diversity approach. Focusing on financial and market economics aspect considering by personal assessment, information and orientation and training seminars targeted to identify their potential and needs. Active networks of public and private institutions as well as target group orientated consultation and qualification approaches are already implemented in some ENTREDI partner regions. All these activities and approaches and good practices should be gathered in a pool, where all regions can find methods, tools or some examples, waiting to be installed or to be improved due to their regional requirements the entrepreneurial spirit and basic conditions. After the successful formal conclusion of the ENTREDI project other European regions can benefit from the pool of experiences, methods and tools. 7 regional action plans on devolopment/improvement of enterpreneurship support will be signed by the respective of ROP managing authorities. The mainstreaming guideline will support the transfer and the sustainability of the integrative support programme of ENTREDI and the level of awareness of ROP managing activities policy about ENTREDI will be 50%.


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