From external to internal: managing the transformation of borders and preparing for the new neighbourhood


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Problems addressed • Regional and institutional disparities in capacity and knowledge on cross border cooperation • Differences and obstacles posed by dissimilar legislative and administrative frameworks and planning approaches • Inadequate coordination across the border and complexities imposed by Enlargement and Accession Objectives • Know How dissemination from EU internal and/or former external border co-operation (all 3 INTERREG Strands) • Smooth and effective inclusion of new member states and accession countries in the INTERREG programme • Utilisation of the local know-how and mobilisation of local stakeholders Approach and methodology • Identification and dissemination of relevant knowledge and applied examples • Training from and to officials and stakeholders as preparation for the new challenges • Set up of sustainable knowledge networks for the dissemination of knowledge and common formulation of programmes and projects


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