From Past to Future: The Promotion of All the Beauties of Natural & Cultural Heritage of the Prespes Lakes Area with the Use of Technology of the Future (Solar Powered Boats)


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The main objective of the proposed project GREEN BOAT is the promotion of the cultural & natural heritage of the Prespes Lakes area through solar boats trips, for the enhancement of the Prespes Lakes area as an alternative destination. The Prespes Lakes area contains the highest degree of species biodiversity in a corresponding surface area in Europe. It is a unique lake landscape of outstanding natural beauty that includes a wealth of monuments from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period. The local populations have closely associated the area, its history and its natural beauty with myths, legends and traditions. Such being the case, the organization of trips around the Prespes Lakes area using solar powered boats can be utilized as an effective tool for increasing attractiveness of the area of interest, aiming at promoting different aspects of the cultural and natural heritage, demonstrating at the same time in real life the endless potentials and advantages of solar power, especially in this part of the world. In this way, it will subsequently contribute to a high increase of the Prespes Lakes area popularity both in the local and foreign touristic market.



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