Greek-Albanian cross border cooperation in Biomass Exploitation


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Albania and Greece both seek for new advances in the Energy sector. The specific area of interest has a huge potential for becoming an energy point for biofuel and biomass production, as it combines the existence of a strategic geopolitical and economic position and abundance of biomass resources. Based on this fact, the proposed project concerns the implementation of actions that aim to promote the development of sustainable production and commercialization of biomass in the selected cross-border area between Greece and Albania. Actions aim to diffuse information and enhance publicity concerning the project, develop sustainable policies for bioenergy production, test rural areas to assess the bio-energy capacity of the region and finally create the base for a blooming bio-energy market. The project’s objectives are: – Strengthening the development towards a sustainable, competitive and territorially integrated Greek-Albanian cross-border region in the field of sustainable use of bioenergy. – Creating cross-sectoral and interregional networking to facilitate information and knowledge exchange – Coordinating policy development – Designing the application instruments to promote bioenergy – Creating a network for regional bioenergy market development