Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Growth and a Resource Efficient Circular Economy


Σύντομη περιγραφή

INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS FOR A RESOURCE EFFICIENT ECONOMY: The SYMBI project brings together 9 partners from 7 countries, including 4 management authorities of territorial programmes, to diffuse industrial symbiosis and align regional policies with the circular economy package of the European Commission. SYMBI aims to support the transition towards a resource-efficient economy through the establishment of territorial synergies to manage waste and exchange energy & by-products as secondary raw resources. SYMBI will enable the participating regions to advance their goals for sustainable growth and job creation, since industrial symbiosis can lead to: a) considerable material savings, resulting in an increase of competiveness, b) new business models that involve revenue streams from secondary raw resources, and c) the mitigation of risks associated with the volatile global economy and proliferating signs of resource depletion. SPECTRUM OF POLICY INTERVENTIONS: The SYMBI project has been designed to support the exchange of experiences and increase the capacities of partners and stakeholders involved, taking into consideration their profiles and regional interests. To this end, SYMBI prescribes policy learning activities on the following regional intervention areas: a) waste management and transformation, b) public procurement, c) local taxation, and d) innovation programmes. WHAT WILL SYMBI DO: SYMBI will improve 8 policy instruments, relevant to the abovementioned policy areas; 6 of the managing authorities participate in the consortium, so as to secure the impact of the project. SYMBI activities will: – Incentivise regional waste transformation systems and cross-sectoral synergies, – Promote the use of secondary raw materials, – Prioritise green procurement, – Unlock investments by regional and local financial actors, – Explore, assess, expand, and enhance current practices in eco-systems of industrial innovation, – Build consensus between regional stakeholders.



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