Innovative Space Satellite Monitoring of the Environmental Natural Resources of the Cross–border Area Greece – Albania


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The project aims at establishing an innovative & cost effective solution for monitoring the Natural Resources of Greece & Albania cross – border areas. The project addresses, among others the monitoring of environmental changes and the relationship between human activities & wildlife & nature in the broader areas of Greece & Albania. The objectives of the project are: – Monitoring the natural resources of the whole cross border area – Provision of probability based vulnerability assessments – Provision of thematic digital and hardcopy maps of the areas covered with climate change impacts and adaptation – Extensive use of tools for climate change impacts and adaptation data management and modeling – Contribution to the development of existing local, regional, national and European networks for global change impact and adaptation – Strong Dissemination of knowledge and results to the local administrators and stakeholders – Derivation of critical impact factors for the environmental impacts for the designing of policy targets and adaptation measures concerning climate protection in the area of coverage


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