Interregional Learning towards Sustainable Mobility in Europe: the REGIO-MOB Experience


Σύντομη περιγραφή

European regions are facing an increasing mobility demand while coping with higher congestion levels.Undoubtedly,there is a strong need to increase the use of sustainable transport modes meaning, above all, promoting intermodality, technical innovation & the use of cleaner and more efficient systems.Hence, European regions need to undertake the transition towards low-carbon & resource efficient transport systems in order to increase mobility, remove major barriers and fuel growth & employment.In this challenging context where an effective action requires strong interregional cooperation,arises REGIO-MOB whose overall objective is to secure Europe’s sustainable growth by promoting sustainable mobility.Therefore,influencing the related instruments in each concerned territory & contributing to their improvement & more efficient performance,as a result of mutual interregional learning.REGIO-MOB partners expect to contribute to the consolidation of sustainable mobility in their regions by improving their policies performance as a result of a shared learning process.This improvement will be materialised through the developement of regional mobility strategies with an holistic approach (environmental,economic & social factors).To this end,every partner will carry out a regional analysis on their needs&best practices,which will be further transferred through the 7 regional workshops.In addition,each one of them will set up a regional Stakeholders Group that will enrich the process & will also ensure the key stakeholders engagement.This process’ results will be gathered in a Guide on Recommendations for more efficient & cleaner mobility prior to undertake the development of the 6 Regional Mobility Plans.The outputs outlined above will directly benefit the partners (capacity building), our stakeholders & clearly our regions.Eventually, we aspire to influence as well other regions not originally involved in the project.Then we will be able to say that we have fully succeeded.


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