Market Uptake Support for Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Intermediate bioenergy carriers (IBC) are formed when biomass is processed to energetically denser, storable and transportable intermediary products analogous to coal, oil and gaseous fossil energy carriers. IBCs can be used directly for heat or power generation or further refined to final bioenergy or bio-based products. MUSIC aims to facilitate further market uptake of three types of IBC (pyrolysis oil, torrefied biomass and microbial oil) by developing feedstock mobilisation strategies, improving logistics and development of IBC trade centres. First an evaluation is made of framework conditions to identify barriers and enablers. This will constitute the basis for core project actions i.e. development of (a) regional feedstock mobilisation strategies (b) tools for mobilising biomass and optimising size and location of trade centres, (c) industry-driven advanced and strategic case studies (one each per region; eight in total) yielding (d) optimised, cost-effective solutions for logistics along the entire IBC value chain. Two dedicated work packages targeting (i) regional stakeholders and (ii) industrial market actors, from the primary sector, industry and beyond, will build platforms for regional discourse and industry dialogue in the four target regions (Greece, Italy, Sweden/Finland and International). Project results are to include – besides direct market uptake due to the case studies, practical guidance to market actors and advice to policy makers serving as input for more informed policy, market support and financial frameworks, . The MUSIC consortium is characterised by strong industrial involvement, broad coverage across Europe, and top-level experience developing logistics for IBC. It comprises Europe’s leading technology developers for the three IBC types targeted. MUSIC consortium partners have wide networks in industry and industry platforms, ensuring relevance and transferability of all results.


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