Niki Border Station


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The present project includes the following: the building complex of the Customs Station, which consists of the following: 1. the metal roof, which covers a surface of 3,600.00 m2 2. the ground floor building with the office facilities for Customs and the police, approximately 700.00 m2 3. the four lanes for entry and exit of vehicles 4. the two weighing bridges 5. the four inspection offices (2 belonging to the police and 2 to Customs) 6. the eight control bars (4 belonging to the police and 4 to Customs) and 7. the two metal ramps above the traffic lanes. The proposed project will improve the existing Border Station, creating the following: 1. The Center for Technical Inspection of Vehicles (CTIV): a one-floor closed metal building, covered with panels made of sheet steel with polyurethane in between for insulation. The building will be used for the inspection of vehicles coming from third countries outside the European Union. 2. The NARC CONTROL building: a building similar in construction to the CTIV, but in terms of operation, this will be the site of inspection of vehicles suspected of transporting narcotics 3. The independent toilettes near the Duty Free Store buildings and the building for serving travelers (refreshment area). 4. The mechanical facility for disinfecting suspected infected vehicles at the place for incoming vehicles. 5. The inspection office: one floor, area of 9.00 m2, next to the above area 6. The two military watchtowers (for Evzone guards), one at the entrance to the country and one at the exit. A guard post will be placed near the exit. 7. The Duty Free Store building, which gathers people leaving the country in order for them to obtain duty free products, at the northeastern corner of the land plot, with one floor and an area of 400.00 m2, which will have a large room for exhibition of the products and a storage area. 8. The building for service of travelers (refreshment area), at the southeastern corner of the land plot, with one floor and an area of 250.00 m2, which will have a reception and eating room with the respective kitchen. 9. The waste treatment facility at the lowest point of the land plot, behind the refreshment area, where the waste from all the facilities will end up. 10. The visitors’ parking area, in front of the refreshment area. 11. The guarding area for impounded vehicles, at the center of the current road and the land plot, which will be surrounded by a metal fence. 12. The parking area for personnel, at the East side of the Customs post, which will be covered by a light metal roof. 13. The visitors’ parking area for the duty free store building is organized in front of the duty free store. 14. The two weighing bridges, which are placed outside and before the entrance to the Customs post’s roof, one for entry to Greece and one for departure. 15. The four inspection offices (two belonging to the police and two to Customs), the small ground floor offices between the entry and exit lanes. 16. Two parking spaces under the roof for the patrol cars, one at the entry point and one at the exit point. 17. A traffic bar in front of and behind each inspection office for all the vehicle lanes. 18. Space for the two patrol cars at the two ends of the roof. 19. The building for impounded vehicles, identical to the disinfection building, a single-floor building with a roofed perimeter area at the entrance to the respective fenced-off area. 20. The quarters for the police officers and Customs employees, below the area for impounded vehicles, single-floor buildings with a roof and a roofed perimeter area. 21. The parking area for foreigners immediately after the entry of the vehicle into Greek territory. 22. The electromechanical facilities that will be placed in the future NARC CONTROL building, a single-floor building with a single-sloped roof. 23. The boiler building, a one-floor building on the ground floor compared to the natural elevation of the land plot and partially underground compared to the level of the Customs office. 24. The metal ladder that leads to the metal bridge for the inspection of trucks and tankers, on the raised floor of the two inspection offices, at the side for entry into the country. The bridge’s overhang is +4.53 and it is placed perpendicularly to the entry and exit flow of vehicles, which gives the Customs officer the possibility of inspecting the boxes on top of the trucks passing through. 25. The arrangement and widening of the road connecting the Customs post with the FYROM, 800 meters long. 26. Connection with utility networks (water and sewage, Public Power Corporation), as well as all required electromechanical work for the Customs post’s operation. THE PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT IS THE FOLLOWING: 1. THE EASIER AND SAFER INSPECTION OF INCOMING AND DEPARTING VEHICLES (OF ALL KINDS) IN THE COUNTRY 2. IMPROVED ASSISTANCE TO THE CITIZENS THAT PASS THROUGH THE STATION 3. FASTER, SAFER, AND BETTER CONTROLLED MOVEMENT OF MERCHANDISE, AND 4. THE MODERNIZATION OF THE CUSTOMS BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE IN HARMONY WITH THE RESPECTIVE EUROPEAN STANDARDS


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