Progressive lighthouse districts serving as green district Gate towards Leadership in Sustainability


Σύντομη περιγραφή

European districts play a pivotal role in the achievement of a future low carbon economy. The envisaged actions of the ProLight project are representative for innovative refurbishment with large potential of immediate replication of other residential buildings from the municipalities & the social housing involved. ProLight assembles & closely integrates all needed actors & measures. The envisaged solutions will lead to better quality of life for all targeted end-users. This includes to find suitable social responses for awareness creation, up-take of knowledge, establishment of behavioral changes towards the energy efficient use & the integration of renewables within an appropriate local political frame. Analysed districts include: 1) Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way in AT, FI & GR, 2) Energy communities in ES, IT & PT combined in so-called Innovation clusters. A multi-actor approach uses a methodological concept that explicitly takes into account the energy transition as a societal lever for innovation in the involved demo districts. Applied research will be connected with theoretical analysis that involves identifying and compiling good practices, successful initiatives and exemplar real-world demo sites. These practices will be assessed and lead to a complete European competence framework, encapsulating the skills required to reach this change via recorded successful methods observed through ProLight. The project combines individual, gender & collective aspects of active and responsible citizenship in an integrated working concept, to conceptualize climate-aware citizens and communities. ProLight exploits the potential of this growing wave of civic engagement and citizen science, in order to facilitate the transition to green, sustainable societies & economies. ProLight achieves this by understanding, defining, measuring & assessing of 6 demo districts in different regions of Europe & disseminate effectively project results.


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