Sustainable Hydro Assessment and Groundwater Recharge Projects


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Over 95% of the world’s freshwater, excluding glaciers and ice caps, is found underground. Groundwater provides the steady, base flow of rivers and wetlands, maintaining this flow and keeping it free from pollution is vital for surface water ecosystems. Groundwater is also a crucial source of drinking water, supplying the water systems for three out of four EU citizens. In some countries groundwater extraction provides almost 100% of drinking water, therefore its protection is vital. Furthermore also European economies tap groundwater for industrial cooling and for agricultural irrigation. In this context, SHARP focuses on the exchange of innovative technologies to protect groundwater resources for future generations by considering the climate change and the different geological and geographical conditions of regions involved. Partners will exchange practical know-how and also determine know-how demands concerning SHARP’s key contents: general groundwater management tools, artificial groundwater recharge technologies, groundwater monitoring systems, strategic use of groundwater resources for drinking water, irrigation and industry, techniques to save water quality and quantity, drinking water safety plans, risk management tools and water balance models. While some partners are well experienced in groundwater management and in techniques to save and improve the water quality and quantity, other partners are less experienced and in need of specific know-how for their current and future situation. Thus partners agreed to support less experienced partners with necessary know-how by sharing the existing expertise and by processing existing know-how to be applied in different geological & geographical regions. Gained feedback and specific demands of the less experienced partners will help the more experienced ones to recheck their own implemented methods/technologies and – if necessary – to optimise or adapt them (win –win situation for all partners). The exchange of experiences and transfer of know-how will primarily be achieved via Seminars, Study Visits and International Conferences. Furthermore SHARP will support the know-how transfer and facilitate the cooperation between project partners, decision makers and relevant stakeholders by the establishment of the SHARP VIC (Virtual Information Centre) an IT-based communication system – to ensure the permanent access to the SHARP know-how pool. Based on innovative methods, technologies and practices and its further development in the course of the project the sensitive management and the responsible use of available groundwater resources for drinking water, irrigation or industrial use will be supported. SHARP Outputs & results will influence the regional policy in the frame of sustainable groundwater management to save and improve the quality and quantity of groundwater reservoirs for future generations.


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