Valorisation économique du patrimoine naturel et culturel des montagnes méditerranéennes


Σύντομη περιγραφή

In a Mediterranean environment marked by massive development of coastlines and the intensification of farming on plains, mountains are now the place where the natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean can be preserved. By protecting and enhancing this natural and cultural heritage, the partners aim to promote sustainable development. Solutions will be sought for the dangers threatening Mediterranean mountains, such as the loss of human resources and economic activities as well as the risk of environmental damage. Overall objective / Objectif général A study will be carried out on the management of mountain territories, and instruments will be created to encourage utilisation of unexploited resources and to promote specific products. Initiatives will be developed to include the protection and economic utilisation of the natural and cultural heritage of Mediterranean mountains in the partners’ regional policies. Expected results / Résultats attendus The project includes several studies, which aim to find out more about experiences in the different regions regarding mechanisms for intervention in mountain areas and analyse the possibility of transferring instruments from one region to another as well as drawing up recommendations for future regional policies. At the same time, sub-projects will establish regional plans of action for the protection of heritage and strategies for integrated development of villages.


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