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Smart Rural Entrepreneurship

The project involves the cooperation of Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and FYROM in order to enable joint approaches to common development issues that rural regions are facing. Specifically, they want to [...]

Smart Rural Entrepreneurship2024-05-22T15:06:39+03:00

Enhancing storage integration in buildings with Photovoltaics

The Balkan Med (BM) region is facing the challenge of sustaining and increasing the growth of PV systems that is endangered by several barriers and their unpredictable nature. This is [...]

Enhancing storage integration in buildings with Photovoltaics2024-05-22T15:06:38+03:00

Computing Power Goes Green

In line with the EU goals for a' twin transition', it is urgent to take actions that support a sustainable digital transformation. Within the twin transition policy framework, the main [...]

Computing Power Goes Green2024-05-22T15:06:35+03:00