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Smart Rural Entrepreneurship

The project involves the cooperation of Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and FYROM in order to enable joint approaches to common development issues that rural regions are facing. Specifically, they want to mitigate specific structural & socio-economic challenges, such as low income levels, lack of employment opportunities, deteriorating quality of life, depopulation processes and directly improving quality of life for the residents of rural areas. The project area includes extensive large rural areas in five countries with comparative advantages that are precious asset for regional economy and especially in green, blue, tourism industries & social economy. Intervention area is the same geographical area that covers the LEADER program where knowhow & synergies with local actions groups will be capitalized. The economic downturn provides an opportunity for the [...]

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Urban water full cycle: from its source to its end-users and back to the environment

The concept of water as a public good is one of the integrated water resources management (IWRM) key pillars: An integrated approach to managing & equitably sharing the world’s limited water resources, among the different & competing uses is the best way to achieve a fresh water secure world (Global Water Partnership). Although fundamental changes in water management policies is a fact, progress is slow in the BalkanMed area countries, composing a complex issue, requiring the adoption of immediate measures, in order to address the high level of vulnerability under climate change conditions (long term under‐investment, aging infrastructure/facilities in the water supply cycle). Nevertheless, EU has a history of over 30 years of drinking water policy. The WFD 2000/60, Drinking Water Directive 1998/83 & EU2020 [...]

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Enhancing storage integration in buildings with Photovoltaics

The Balkan Med (BM) region is facing the challenge of sustaining and increasing the growth of PV systems that is endangered by several barriers and their unpredictable nature. This is especially important in the built environment as member states are developing plans to increase the number of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), which most probably employ PV’s , in order to reach their 2030 climate change targets. As the number of NZEBs increase, PV integration in the distribution grids of BM region will be very difficult, unless buildings become more grid-friendly and policies/regulations are suitably adapted In the above context, the overall objective of project is to enhance the penetration of PV’s in built environment. This will be achieved by using storage, which will transform [...]

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Computing Power Goes Green

In line with the EU goals for a' twin transition', it is urgent to take actions that support a sustainable digital transformation. Within the twin transition policy framework, the main objective of the project is to promote the adoption of an integrated approach and framework for the creation of combined green and digital transformation initiatives at the national and transnational level, that will lead to a 'greener' functioning of digital infrastructures.

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