Agrowaste supply chains for sustainable growth


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Agricultural residues such as straw, bank canes and trees pruning constitute a significant load of green waste in rural areas from both sides of the borders. Those wastes are poorly managed causing severe environmental impacts. At the same time local authorities use expensive fossil fuel for space heating of public buildings, and due to the current economic recession, very often the amount of heat generated cannot satisfy the real needs of the building users. The sustainable management of the green waste can offer a real solution in both of the above problems. The main objective of this project is to develop a supply chain that will deliver those wastes to selected users in order to use them as fuel. After the completion of the project the following main outputs are expected to be delivered: -1 supply chain for each municipality demonstrated through a pilot action of 18 months. -1 GIS mapping and logistics tool for agrowastes valorization. -Identification of alternative supply chains in Amyntaio and Novaci that can support future biomass installations (at least 2 per Municipality). -4 case studies for the exploitation of local agrowastes in 4 Municipalities in the Programme area, apart from Amyntaio and Novaci. -2 training seminars targeting local authorities (25 trainees and 2 days each). -1 operational interactive platform for biomass suppliers in the cross border area. -Development of 1 bioenergy cluster in the Republic of North Macedonia and 1 virtual mega-cluster across the borders.


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