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Agrowaste supply chains for sustainable growth

Agricultural residues such as straw, bank canes and trees pruning constitute a significant load of green waste in rural areas from both sides of the borders. Those wastes are poorly managed causing severe environmental impacts. At the same time local authorities use expensive fossil fuel for space heating of public buildings, and due to the current economic recession, very often the amount of heat generated cannot satisfy the real needs of the building users. The sustainable management of the green waste can offer a real solution in both of the above problems. The main objective of this project is to develop a supply chain that will deliver those wastes to selected users in order to use them as fuel. After the completion of the project [...]

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A real time monitoring and leakage detection and reduction system in water distribution networks

The water distribution networks in the transboundary Prespa Park face severe water loss problems mainly due to structural deterioration of the pipe networks. It is estimated that approximately the 50% of the total pumped water is lost. The large volume of the pumped groundwater results in the increase of energy consumption in order to treat groundwater and distribute it. The aim of the SmartWaterSave project is to introduce an innovative technical methodology based on the idea of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA), using real-time flow and pressure monitoring sensors, and therefore to promote a cost-effective approach for achieving a significant reduction in water leakage. The effective water pressure management is expected to reduce the risk of burst pipes and extend pipes service [...]

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Trans boundaries Air Pollution Health Index Development and Implementation

Real-time air pollution monitoring is now more necessary than ever before. Air pollution is one of the most significant factors posing threat to the health of people worldwide. It is associated with a range of diseases, symptoms and conditions that impact quality of human life. According to WHO, outdoor air pollution was responsible for the deaths of some 3,7 million people under the age of 60 around the world in 2012, representing 6.7% of the global disease burden while indoor and outdoor air pollution combined are among the largest risks to health worldwide. Apart from population air quality has negative impacts on natural environment and biodiversity. The main sources of air pollution at participants countries are caused by industrial activities, transportation and heating systems. Air [...]

Trans boundaries Air Pollution Health Index Development and Implementation2022-09-10T00:32:09+03:00

Development of an Action Plan for the Management of Bio-wastes at the Cross-Border Region

The overall objective of LESS-WASTE-II is waste prevention through the joint development and implementation of actions for the better management of bio-wastes in the cross-border area. The project’ s activities relate directly to the application of relevant European policies in the field of waste management, specifically waste prevention with the aim to minimize waste going to landfill and management of food waste, as they are adopted in the official Regional and Local Waste Management Plans of the areas involved. LESS-WASTE-II’s specific objectives are: • to address the need for waste management strategies that combine both regional (centralized) and local (decentralized) actions that reduce the volume of waste going to landfilling, • to introduce home-composting and separation-at-source of the organic fraction of urban waste to local [...]

Development of an Action Plan for the Management of Bio-wastes at the Cross-Border Region2022-09-10T00:31:30+03:00

Integration of Green Transport in Cities

Green Inter-e-Mobility is a project that aims in promoting green electro-mobility in public transport, by building and operating the following pilot systems: - Four (4) Photovoltaic (PV) charging stations. - Four (4) multi-purpose e-buses and. - Four (4) utility electric vehicles (EVs) in four (4) cross-border Municipalities (Florina, Prespes, Bitola, Resen). The main project's objective is to design and apply an energy-efficient, regional intelligent transportation system-ITS that will support the efficient realization of both the tourist promotion of the cross-border area, the student’s daily transport and the facilitation of residents in their daily transport. The realization of the above concept will result in the following: - The provision of four (4) electric minibuses and four (4) utility cars that will transfer tourists, students and personnel [...]

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Enhancing the cultural touristic product of the cross-border area of Prespes through the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage

HOLYWATER is a project implemented in the area of Prespa Park, the first protected cross-border (CB) area in the Balkans. Prespa Park was founded in 2000 in a Joint Statement by the Prime Ministers of Greece, Albania and Republic of North Macedonia. The overall objective of the project is the organisation of all the cultural, environmental and touristic information concerning the cross-border area of Prespa with the use of new technologies. One of the main actions of the project refers to the collection and mapping of information and data regarding the touristic points of interest (environmental, cultural, religious) of Prespa area as the basic material for the development of the electronic information materials and particularly 3D photorealistic augmented reality models of St. Achilleus basilica and [...]

Enhancing the cultural touristic product of the cross-border area of Prespes through the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage2022-09-10T00:31:16+03:00

Increase Innovative Business in sea, environment & Agriculture and IT

The project's general target is the enhancement of the entrepreneurship in the cross-border area. Particularly, the project aims at the establishing of new individual, enterprises in the field of sea, agriculture and environment and at the enhancement of the existing ones. In order to achieve this objective, it targets to an effective professional training and consulting - mentoring of its target group among entrepreneurial issues with the aim to offer them a qualified background, so that they participate in future in the incubator body that will be prepared during the project. The establishment of new enterprises and the reinforcement of the existing ones are connected directly to the other project's objectives, the unemployment decrease and the creation of new job positions. The project's long-term objective [...]

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Boosting Employment through Entrepreneurship in Circular Economy

BECircular converts Circular Economy (CE) /Bio Economy (BE) routes into employment hubs through the development of: a) a Repair & Reuse center for specific waste streams involving suppliers,end-users,repair lines&sponsors; b) a Research & Development center involving symbiotic networks,bio materials suppliers,end-users&technical personnel to evaluate & deliver business plans; c) an Entrepreneurship & Creative center to prepare young scientists,artists,technicians&engineers to enter CE&BE. The expected outputs focus on: - Coaching campaigns in CBC area-over 300 participants(students,young graduates&entrepreneurs) estimated-at least 50% flow in CE expected (referring to 30%Arts students, 30%BE entrepreneurs & 40%technicians); - Building capacities actions for at least 50 participants in the coaching sessions to work in centers &/or begin own business on CE&BE. The relative activities to achieve its outputs are: - Knowledge transfer seminars fostering [...]

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