Creating employment opportunities of young graduates in the CB area


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The main objective of the project is to implement an integrated package of deliverables that will have as final result the entering to employment of highly educated people and the emergence of prospects based on competitiveness, productivity and innovation. The intervention will include a holistic package of measures which will utilize the valuable scientific capital of the two countries in the labor market with ultimate objective of exchanging qualified personnel, improving the competitiveness of the two economies, sustainable and viable development of two intervention areas and strengthening regional cohesion in the border region. The expected project outputs are the following: WP1: project progress reports, a final project report and project meetings. WP2: communication plan, project website, closing conference, publicity events and information material will be developed. WP3: Operation of startup accelerators: Selected beneficiaries (120 in total) will be accommodated in Entrepreneurship Nests (25 in Serres, 20 in Kilkis, 15 in Edessa, 60 in Bitola) and receive mentoring services, coaching and training for a period of 3 months. WP4: Operation of a coworking (preincubation) programme: 15 beneficiaries (either individually or in groups of 3-4 persons) from each country will participate in the programme for a period of 3 months to further develop their business plan and providing them a good training environment. Startups entrepreneurship IT platform will be developed and a competition of best innovative idea will take place. It is clear that project’s outputs contribute to project’s objective “build on the human capital of the area and create the opportunities for young people and women to either enter the labor market and readjust their qualifications and skills or either to start their own business.


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