An Applied Agrometerological System for the Protection of the Environmental Resources and Farming Optimisation


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Agriculture, plays an important economic role in both countries, Greece and Albania and it provides employment opportunities to a variety of sections in the labor marker. Greek agriculture is based on small-sized, family-owned dispersed units, while the extent of cooperative organization stays at low comparative levels, against all efforts that have been taken in the last 30 years, mainly under European Union supervision. The project aims to install two (one at each border side) state-of-the-art agrometeorological systems in order to facilitate the work of farmers primarily and to make a significant effort towards more environmental friendly and less costly use of resources secondary. The system can be used for different kinds of farming products. Along with farmers, several other social groups will benefit from the project: Agronomists, agriculture cooperatives, unions, local and national authorities as well as students and researchers. The project will make significant effort to disseminate the results of the project to all of them through conventional methods such as leaflets, posters, information sessions as well as through electronic means such as web site, social networks, related portals and TV announcements.


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