Designing long-term systemic transformation frameworks for regions – Accelerating the shift towards climate neutrality


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The ambition of the TRANSFORMER project is to design long-term systemic transformation frameworks for regions across Europe in order to accelerate the shift towards climate neutrality. At the onset of the project, a conceptual framework will be developed by mapping, defining, and categorising Transition Super-Labs (TSLs). Actual TSLs will be piloted in four regions: the Ruhr area, DE, Emilia Romagna, IT, Lower Silesia, PL and Western Macedonia, GR. The project will develop a roadmap blueprint, a toolkit (incl. matchmaking mechanisms) and a knowledge hub, on the one hand to support the pilot regions but also to be applied by other regions across Europe. Moreover, an evaluation framework will be developed in order to evaluate the impact of TSLs in the TRANSFORMER pilot regions, as well as the respective tools and structures applied by the pilot regions. Project activities will be accompanied by comprehensive communicate and disseminate activities, providing (intermediate) results of the project and the activities in the pilot TSLs, providing a Hub with information, and offering training and capacity building activities for various target groups and stakeholders. Finally, an Exploitation Plan will be prepared for a long-lasting impact of the project.


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