Developing cross-border joint fire-protection plan “FIRESHIELD”


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The primary goal of the project is to develop a joint cross border fire protection plan and to reinforce the capacity of the regional fire departments. A joint fire protection plan will enable fire departments in both regions to act more efficiently on two levels: fire protection and fire extinguishing. The plan will be signed by the regional authorities and will focus on technical requirements and cooperation on technical level needed for fire protection. Target groups involve fire brigades in regions, 21 municipalities in both countries and regional agencies related to protection and rescuing. From the implementation of FIRESHIELD a total number of almost 300.000 people will benefit. Capacity building for the fire departments in both regions is also foreseen. This involves provision of technical resources, upgrading of the brigadiers IT skills, establishing volunteer motorbike team, sharing of satellite monitoring photos and experience sharing. Finally, increasing public awareness is crucial. FIRESHIELD will work to this direction in two ways; informing the public about general rules for forest protection and encouraging fire brigades to work in closer relation with people.


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