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Women In Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The WIN-WIN project focuses on promoting the active involvement of women in regional development and growth through increasing their participation in employment and entrepreneurship. The project aims to improve the skills and enhance the potential of women in selected areas (Florina, Pella, Bitola, Resen, Krusevo and Demir Hisar) and will actively enable business creation or development. A key outcome of the project is the creation of permanent and mobile units in both countries, using the model of Women Resource Centers (WRCs), which is recognized as a key to success of such initiatives in Nordic countries. Through these WRCs, a wide range of tools and holistic services will be offered: job search, information on funding for start-ups, training, networking, counseling and mentoring. Two relevant studies in [...]

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Industrial zones and commercial roads in the cross-border area

Well-planned industrial zones are one of the most important preconditions for regional development. Expectedly, infrastructure development in the industrial zones in the cross-border region can gradually transform the area to a first-rate economic hub. ZONES & ROADS aims to provide a proper technical solution for safe transportation from Thessaloniki to the border crossing Doirani, eliminating any risk for local population and international travelers, while providing modern infrastructure for entrepreneurship and business in the industrial zone of Kilkis. The aforementioned objective is achieved by a road construction study entitled “Thessaloniki- Kilkis -Sidirokastro - Promachonas section Stavrochori - Petrich Subsection Stavrochori – Drosato” and relates to improving the road section that leads to Doirani border and enhances road access amongst the two neighboring countries. Another objective is [...]

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Innovative educational programmes enhancing the environmental resources of the cross-border region Pelagonija/Florina

The overall objective of ZOO INOVATIVA is to contribute in the promotion and protection of environmental resources in the cross-border areas of Pelagonia and Florina, mainly through development and implementation of educational programmes and study visits in zoos, specific infrastructure interventions in the zoos in Bitola and Florina, preparation and delivery of trainings and workshops on environmental issues to volunteers and zoo employees and various project promotional actions. The above interventions will result in capacity building of stakeholders in relation to protection of biodiversity and supporting of the institutional capacities of the area for environmental improvement and protection. The project entails construction of modern zoo infrastructure in line with the EAZA (European association of Zoos and Aquaria) standards. Consequently, the zoo in Florina will be [...]

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Know- How Transfer for District Heating Applications in Bitola and Novaci

Within the project framework, the Inter-Municipal District Heating Company of the Wider Region of Amyntaio will transfer know-how and exchange good practices with the two Municipalities in Pelagonia. The project’s activities include the implementation of four studies: a “Master Plan”, a “Preliminary Study”, a “Technical Study” and a “Cost-Benefit Analysis”. Furthermore, there are five Workshops for know-how exchange between the technical staff of the partners, two conferences, a website, communication material, demonstrative actions and a visit of Mayors and Technical Services’ employees of Bitola and Novaci to Amyntaio to examine closely an integrated district heating project. TELETHERM is expected to contribute in energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gasses. Lastly, it will have positive effects on the local economies.

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Developing Alternative Tourism Aspects

The competitiveness of the cross-border tourism industry is closely linked to its sustainability, as the quality of tourist destinations is strongly influenced by their natural and cultural environment and their integration into the local community. The project Tourism Data promotes the cross- border region as an ideal destination for alternative tourism and specifically sport tourism, agrotourism and ecotourism. Especially, it focuses on the following main activities; Current situation and SWOT analysis study for alternative tourism in selected areas of the cross-border region Best practices and case studies in Europe, Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Maintenance and signaling of selected sites in Florina of the E4, E6 and E46 long-distance paths Construction of trim paths by Municipality of Strumica What is more, project [...]

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Trade without Borders for the Companies of Greece – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Interregional Area

The project seeks to strengthen export capacity of both countries’ entrepreneurs in the transnational market by utilizing best practices and exchange of know-how. The TRAWBOR project includes the collection of export-related information, elaborating it into a comprehensive manual. It also envisages the development of educational material about export strategies and the subsequent provision of e-lectures targeted at managers and higher executives. All the aforementioned actions are framed with a “building relationships” mechanism, i.e. a business matching e-tool, which fosters the establishment of strategic alliances between entrepreneurs in both countries. The ultimate goal is to equip companies’ executives with all the necessary skills that are vital to execute successfully an export strategy in challenging and diversified environments. It is expected that, after the end of the [...]

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Interactive Farmers’ Support System for Efficient Water Use Management

Most of the water in agriculture in the cross-border region is wasted due to low irrigation efficiency, bad irrigation scheduling and other reasons. The main objective of the project is to develop a cross- border interactive farmers’ support system to help farmers improve their water use efficiency, as well as their yields and economical benefits. More specifically, the project will result in: 1. Data collection, data elaboration and development of common geo-data base for: land use, soils, climatic data and other parameters. 2. Development of weather/soil data acquisition system in real-time in order to assess evapotranspiration and crop water requirement. 3. Downscaling of regional data to the specific field and implementation of site-specific approach for irrigation management trough development of sensors/software that will measure required [...]

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Common support structures for the quality monitoring of water resources and the protection of public health

SAFEWET project aims to support and complement the work of the competent bodies in the two countries in the field of water quality monitoring for the sustainable use of water resources and the conservation of wetland protected areas, by creating common methodologies, sustainable structures and harmonized data in water quality monitoring and analysis by the use of advanced technology. The main actions of the project are: - Laboratory set-up in the area of Thessaloniki’s port - Modernization of water quality monitoring equipment in the Region of Central Macedonia - Supply, by FLP2, of a state of the art unmanned aqueous vehicle with autonomous water quality monitoring equipment - Implementation of water quality monitoring actions in the test sites of the project (Thermaikos Gulf, Prespa Lake) [...]

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Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Protection of the Environment

The regions of Western Macedonia and Pelagonija present high energy needs for heating and the public buildings of these areas demonstrate extreme electrical energy consumption. The general objective of this project is to inform local societies and authorities on the great potential that public, corporation and residential buildings have in decreasing energy consumption and consequently on the environmental benefit of such a reduction. Therefore, this project focuses on proposing possible interventions in these buildings in order to cover a significant part of their consumption with environmentally-friendly or renewable energy technologies. Additionally, PEEBPE facilitates the inclusion of bioclimatic studies as part of the improvement of existing buildings or the construction of new ones. The main project activities include: - Energy Audits with in-situ measurements of twenty-five [...]

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Developing cross-border joint fire-protection plan “FIRESHIELD”

The primary goal of the project is to develop a joint cross border fire protection plan and to reinforce the capacity of the regional fire departments. A joint fire protection plan will enable fire departments in both regions to act more efficiently on two levels: fire protection and fire extinguishing. The plan will be signed by the regional authorities and will focus on technical requirements and cooperation on technical level needed for fire protection. Target groups involve fire brigades in regions, 21 municipalities in both countries and regional agencies related to protection and rescuing. From the implementation of FIRESHIELD a total number of almost 300.000 people will benefit. Capacity building for the fire departments in both regions is also foreseen. This involves provision of technical [...]

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