Interactive Farmers’ Support System for Efficient Water Use Management


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Most of the water in agriculture in the cross-border region is wasted due to low irrigation efficiency, bad irrigation scheduling and other reasons. The main objective of the project is to develop a cross- border interactive farmers’ support system to help farmers improve their water use efficiency, as well as their yields and economical benefits. More specifically, the project will result in:
1. Data collection, data elaboration and development of common geo-data base for: land use, soils, climatic data and other parameters.
2. Development of weather/soil data acquisition system in real-time in order to assess evapotranspiration and crop water requirement.
3. Downscaling of regional data to the specific field and implementation of site-specific approach for irrigation management trough development of sensors/software that will measure required parameters (soil moisture, rainfalls amount, temperature etc. as well as crop data).
4. Implementation of a common set of system/software/sensors as a case study for both countries.
5. Wide dissemination activities and viable sustainable planning after the project end.
All projects results will be demonstrated on a pilot run on ten farms on both countries enabling comparison of results on water consumption savings.


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