Trade without Borders for the Companies of Greece – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Interregional Area


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The project seeks to strengthen export capacity of both countries’ entrepreneurs in the transnational market by utilizing best practices and exchange of know-how. The TRAWBOR project includes the collection of export-related information, elaborating it into a comprehensive manual. It also envisages the development of educational material about export strategies and the subsequent provision of e-lectures targeted at managers and higher executives. All the aforementioned actions are framed with a “building relationships” mechanism, i.e. a business matching e-tool, which fosters the establishment of strategic alliances between entrepreneurs in both countries. The ultimate goal is to equip companies’ executives with all the necessary skills that are vital to execute successfully an export strategy in challenging and diversified environments. It is expected that, after the end of the project, the target group will present a satisfactory performance in terms of cost effectiveness, technical expertise and timely delivery of quality products and services. This will inevitably lead to the promotion and facilitation of the bilateral trade between the participating countries. Information and publicity actions include the development of the project’s Communication plan, a website, enriched promotional material and public events.


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