Development of a mobile Green Point at the cross-border region and promotion of prevention and recycling


Σύντομη περιγραφή

In the CBC area of GR-AL one of the biggest challenges is the appropriate Waste Management in municipal and regional level. Although couple of CB and national programmes has been executed in the past, little progress has been achieved in relation with the waste recycling and re-use. GREEN POINT MOB project brings an innovative way of recycling in remote and distance areas where no any possibility to recycle existing before and at the same time promotes recycling-at-home. Primary goal of the project is to improve the waste management of remote and distant areas by increasing 50% the waste recycling in relation with the state before. In order to achieve this goal the GREEN POINT MOB gives a lot of emphasis to the appropriate training of citizens and to information events that accompany the placement of the GREEN POINT MOB (a mobile recycling unit for all different waste streams) in order to recycle in practice starting from the young generations and persuade the older ones. GREEN POINT MOB project put a lot of emphasis to the raise awareness activities with open dissemination events in total eight (8) places where the GREEN POINT MOBS will temporary establish. There, training and educational activities will take place with the participation of young and old about proper waste management practices and recycling-at-home attitude. Prior to each open event, information seminars to the project areas will initiate for students, civil servants, companies’ employees to set-up the ground for responsible waste management and the use of GREEN POINT MOB. A Need’s Assessment report will initiate in every project area showing the current state of recycling process and the level of waste management. Based on the findings, concrete Local Recycling Plans (LRP) will be drafted with specific actions in every municipality towards the duplication of the recycling process. At the areas without any recycling yet, the goal is set at 10% of waste recycling. GREEN POINT MOB strives to tackle the waste management in a holistic approach transferring the Integrated Waste Management of Western Macedonia (IWM) to the Albanian counterparts. This will be achieved though joint planning and implementation process, by sharing staff and trying to improve the people’s capacities in Waste Management. The partners have a unique opportunity to learn from each other (e.g. DIADYMA implements IWM more than 10 years being the 1st such organization in country level and could help substantially the Albanian partners to their efforts) but also to set-up a long lasting collaboration after the project ends. The project delivers the originallity of the GREEN POINT MOBS, a mobile container with all recycling streams for remote and distant areas to start actively the recycling process. GREEN POINT MOB’s added value is the effort to change people’ attitude towards a more responsible waste management following proper recycling practices and methods in remote areas.


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