Development of food industry SME competitiveness for better potentials in growth


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Project FRiDGE (Development of food industry SME competitiveness for better potentials in growth) deals with one of the most important aspects of European food and drink industries: SME competitiveness. The food and drink sector is the biggest employer in the EU and the largest sector in manufacturing while 99% (285,000 businesses) of the companies are SMEs accounting for 62,8% of the total employment in the sector but only 48,1% of the value added and 49,4% of the total turnover (based on FoodDrinkEurope data). Increasing input costs diminish turnover which results in the sector losing its competitive edge in terms of profitability. In order to support the food and drink sector to be able to keep its position in the world market the partnership seeks to contribute with interregional policy learning, promotion of good practices and leveraging interregional experience exchange by improving relevant operational programmes and regional policies. Market reach both inside and outside of the EU, productivity issues in terms of process management and capacity enhancement with regards to machinery and equipment are the focal points of this interregional cooperation with special attention given to EU2020 goals regarding sustainability and social inclusion as underlying secondary goals. The partnership consist of six organizations across from the quadruple helix (government and academia), and food and drink industry is the main beneficiary of the project, and also the general public will indirectly benefit from this cooperation in terms of the better performance of the sector in the partnering regions and in the EU. The working method will be unique in terms of each partner focuses on two of three topics in detail while also contributing to achieving the overall results of the project. The project approach is in line with the result accountability principle regarding the work plan which was designed backwards, deriving every output and activity to reach the results.


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