Σύντομη περιγραφή

The “IT CULTURE” project aims to highlight and enhance the cultural heritage of the region and “œgrab” the attention of the tourist public. Although the area is of an unique significance of culture elements and natural beauty attractions, it is not yet sufficiently developed. The new tourism product will include innovations (through IT systems) that will help promoting it, in a way that so far has not been achieved. The purpose of the project is the tourist and cultural enhancement of cross-border region with a view to develop a new and more attractive tourist destination. The direct outputs of the project will be the preservation and promotion of cultural resources as a prerequisite for tourism development. The overall objective of the proposed project will be the increasing of tourist traffic in cultural and tourist monuments, with main result the development of alternative forms of tourism and promotion of local tourism businesses. The project’s main outputs among others are an integrated publicity plan combined with publicity materials and cultural events with primary purpose of informing the public about the project, the creation of an Internet Site and an innovative e-platform to be used for the wider information of people about the tourist and cultural attractions through the use of new technologies, studies on the current situation of tourism, new tourist routes and museological studies to be used as a first step towards the further establishment of cultural and archaelogical museums in the cross border region. Another important output will be the IT technologies establishment through the creation of mobile applications, informational signs and digital touch screens with a view to familiarizing tourists with the use of new technologies. The approach designed is based on the introduction of new technologies upon the traditional way of promoting the tourism product.The two cross border regions because of the similarities that they have on the cultural heritage and touristic products will exchange good practices and will complement each other. As it is mentioned, this will be the first time that such innovative technological methods will be used in the project areas, a fact that will certainly have long-term value. Through the promotion of tourism and cultural product the local economy will show a rise and improvement, having as a result the creation of new jobs and the wider local economic development.



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