Integrated waste management facilities for boosting recycling and composting in 7 Regions through cross-border activities


Σύντομη περιγραφή

During the last decades, Greece has made significant efforts to tackle with major waste management issues and has worked towards EU policies for waste prevention, reuse and recycling, but is still behind national targets for year 2020. At the same time, Albania is striving to develop its basic infrastructures in order to avoid uncontrolled waste disposal. WASTE RREACT aproaches low recycling rates in Greece and almost zero in Albania with the implementation of different facilities/activities in 7 Regions allowing direct comparison of the effects of each measure. These will be enhanced by a wide environmental awareness campaign addressing both citizens and schools, the production of technical guidelines/plansand the operation of an online waste monitoring platform for sharing information and strengthening cross-border co-operation. Thus the overall objective of the project is to boost recycling and composting through plannning, construction and supply activities in 7 Regions in Greece and Albania. The main outcomes to be delivered in the project include: – a composting plant for sourceseparated biowaste in the Region of Epirus, Arta. – a green point for recyclables in Kastoria and two smaller ones in Florina and Deskati. – one green point in the island of Corfu and one in Zante. – a new separate collection scheme for recycling in schools and other key areas in the 4 Region of Albania. – a waste monitoring platform for educational and informational purposes as well as for monitoring waste management initiatives and the performance of munipalities. – technical guidelines and specifications on waste management for municipalities and wide environmental awareness campaign targeted to different groups (schools, local businesses, citizens etc.). A number of new and innovative schemes will take place, such as the composting plant of source- separated biowaste, green points which are a totally new concept for the participating countries, recycling at schools, etc. In addition, the monitoring platform is an innovative element, taking into account that there is no such monitoring mechanism in the participating countries. The proposed partnership and this cross-border co-operation can provide all sides with the necessary tools to make a step forward, exchange know-how and tackle the same problems and challenges. Itegrated waste management can be thus demonstrated through different case-studies for recycling, green points, composting, etc.


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