Integration of Green Transport in Cities


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Green Inter-e-Mobility is a project that aims in promoting green electro-mobility in public transport, by building and operating the following pilot systems: – Four (4) Photovoltaic (PV) charging stations. – Four (4) multi-purpose e-buses and. – Four (4) utility electric vehicles (EVs) in four (4) cross-border Municipalities (Florina, Prespes, Bitola, Resen). The main project’s objective is to design and apply an energy-efficient, regional intelligent transportation system-ITS that will support the efficient realization of both the tourist promotion of the cross-border area, the student’s daily transport and the facilitation of residents in their daily transport. The realization of the above concept will result in the following: – The provision of four (4) electric minibuses and four (4) utility cars that will transfer tourists, students and personnel at the routes that will be defined, as well as residents, especially elderly, disabled and distant-residents, on-demand. – Four (4) Renewable energy sources (RES)-supported external parking-lots will be designed and implemented. – Through the utilization of smart phones, an intelligent Transportation, Client-Server application, will be deployed to the parking lots-e-minibuses. – An optimal route scheduling for the transportation of tourists, elderly people, personnel and students through a 20-year horizon, will facilitate the solution of a yearly faced problem of the Municipalities: The rare connection between the neighboring Municipalities (e.g. from Florina to Prespes).


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