Know- How Transfer for District Heating Applications in Bitola and Novaci


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Within the project framework, the Inter-Municipal District Heating Company of the Wider Region of Amyntaio will transfer know-how and exchange good practices with the two Municipalities in Pelagonia. The project’s activities include the implementation of four studies: a “Master Plan”, a “Preliminary Study”, a “Technical Study” and a “Cost-Benefit Analysis”. Furthermore, there are five Workshops for know-how exchange between the technical staff of the partners, two conferences, a website, communication material, demonstrative actions and a visit of Mayors and Technical Services’ employees of Bitola and Novaci to Amyntaio to examine closely an integrated district heating project. TELETHERM is expected to contribute in energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gasses. Lastly, it will have positive effects on the local economies.


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