Prioritise energy efficiency (EE) measures in public buildings: a decision support tool for regional and local public authorities


Σύντομη περιγραφή

PrioritEE aims at reinforcing the capacities of public administrations in selecting and implementing eco-friendly and cost-effective energy planning measures to support their decision making and accelerate the implementation of the EED. This aim will be pursued working in close cooperation with public local authorities focusing on three main pillars: capacity building, development of decision making support tools, and transfer of knowledge. 5 pilot cases will be developed in different cities of the partners countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Croatia) to determine and monitor energy consumption in public buildings and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, comparing the effects of different policies strategies. The transfer of knowledge will be developed integrating participatory and practical capacity building activities through collaborative learning schemes within each country and between the partner local authorities to focus on actual short-term implementation of EE policies and measures with a strategic long-term perspective. The main foreseen output is a set of local plans and methods to prioritise the EE investments in public buildings and to foster the adoption of EE good practices. The main expected results for local public administrations are a common data set for establishing benchmarks and priorities, a measurement and verification framework to estimate the level of energy, costs and CO2 emission savings achieved, priority lists of EE investments.


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