Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Protection of the Environment


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The regions of Western Macedonia and Pelagonija present high energy needs for heating and the public buildings of these areas demonstrate extreme electrical energy consumption. The general objective of this project is to inform local societies and authorities on the great potential that public, corporation and residential buildings have in decreasing energy consumption and consequently on the environmental benefit of such a reduction. Therefore, this project focuses on proposing possible interventions in these buildings in order to cover a significant part of their consumption with environmentally-friendly or renewable energy technologies. Additionally, PEEBPE facilitates the inclusion of bioclimatic studies as part of the improvement of existing buildings or the construction of new ones. The main project activities include: – Energy Audits with in-situ measurements of twenty-five public buildings in each country, delivery of technical studies with the exact CO2 footprint and energy consumption for each building and issuance of Energy Efficiency Certificate – Study and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in three buildings (the elementary school and the kindergarten in Municipality of Prespes, as well as a highschool in Resen) The project also provides for a number of communication actions, and in particular: promotional material, brochures and publications, website, conferences, seminars and workshops in both countries.


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