Public pROcureMent of INnovation boosting greEN growTh in MED area PLUS


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The transnational challenge of the project PROMINENT PLUS is to transfer innovation procurement knowledge and know-how developed and tested in previous Prominent MED project to new MED and Western Balkans countries, more specifically to municipalities (demand side) and supply side through transnational innovation clusters in order to encourage them to launch future innovation procurement processes and participate in them and thus create opportunities for business growth. This project builds on outputs of Prominent MED such as Guidance for Innovation Procurement Selection and PPI Implementation Strategy in MED countries that will be transferred and adjusted to specific receiver countries’ contexts (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece). The transferring will be based on a peer-to-peer process both toward demand and supply side using a combination of joint activities. A common knowledge and experiences from previously conducted innovation procurements will be first shared among all partners and then training and mobilising activities will be conducted toward demand and supply side. The goal to be reached by these activities is clearly visible from the outputs which will be produced – Identification of institutional and regional needs, Adjusted guideline on preparing and conducting the innovation procurement process in receivers’ territories and Transfer / Cooperation protocols to assure the commitment of givers’ and receivers’ countries and partners in the future, beyond this project.


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