SAFFRON – Amélioration de la compétitivité du secteur européen du safran en favorisant la qualité et l’innovation.


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The European saffron-growing sector is in crisis – decreasing sales, cultivation and employment – because of competition from countries such as Iran, India and Pakistan which produce saffron of lower quality, sometimes even treated with illegal colourants. Falling prices and quality and the problems of fraud have reduced the profitability of the European saffron sector and this represents an economic threat for the regions of Mediterranean Europe where saffron growing is important. Overall objective / Objectif général The main objective of the project is discussion and critical study of the various regional practices in the saffron sector as a whole in order to draft a “White paper on the European saffron sector” (recommendations to improve competitiveness) and to plan future research aiming to solve the sector’s problems on a European scale. The other important objective of the project is to disseminate its conclusions amongst all the European groups involved. Expected results / Résultats attendus Publication of a “White paper on the saffron sector” containing recommendations for increasing the quality and productivity of European saffron and for boosting the sector’s competitiveness. A report entitled “Innovation to guarantee competitiveness in the saffron sector”, giving the general lines of research in order to solve the problems of the three regions participating in the project.


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