Traditional Breakfast of the C/B area: Branding Scheme and Mobile Application for the preservation and promotion of common traditional gastronomy


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The main challenge of the tourism sector nowadays is the identification and development of concepts characterised by uniqueness and locality, since the concept of “sea+sun” is easy and cheap in most neighbouring countries. The 2nd challenge is the holistic promotion of a thematic concept, since technology penetrated the procedure of organising holidays/ travels and since exhibitions and fairs lose points of effectiveness. The local traditional gastronomy of the cb area has its own special character and could be developed as a tourism product and promoted as such. Local/ traditional gastronomy can be combined in a very strong promotional advantage that will enhance the attractiveness of a rough cb area and will develop a new targeted destination. Expected change: New approach to tourism development with respect to common culture and traditions. The main outputs are the development of a common brand for the tourism enterprises (mainly hotels, but also others serving breakfast as well) that will wish to apply the “œCross-border Traditional Breakfast” and a targeted mobile application for the promotion of this brand. The hotels of the cb area will benefit directly by the project, while the local actors (regional authorities, municipalities, local associations) and the rest of the tourist enterprises (restaurants, tourism agencies) will have a holistic promotional tool for the destination management of the area. Quality tourists have become more demanding and are looking for locality, tradition and distinctive characteristics. The tourism enterprises were operating alone towards the development of the area as a quality tourist destination. All the efforts were done in micro level and were, thus, ineffective. The project combines the collective associations representing the tourism enterprises in 4 regional units (Grevena, Corfu, Vlora and Gjirokast) of the cb area and aims for the 1st time to provide an integrated branding procedure and mobile application for a holistic promotion of local gastronomy and products. The project aims to capitalize the initiative of the Greek Tourism Organisation on “œGreek Breaksfast” and adjust it to the traditional and local products of the cross-border area. The beneficiaries will support the hotels willing to adopt this idea and will “œbrand” them. The added value of the project is that it combines a rich area (numerous local products and traditions), a new trend (new tourist product “œgastronomic tourism”), a strong need (economic development through tourism), a modern tool (branding) and innovation (smart-phones application) to promote the areas competitive advantages and to attract targeted visitors and tourists, in order to achieve sustainable tourism development. Considering, also, the existence of numerous tourism enterprises in the cross-border area (especially those close to alternative activities centers – ski, baths, etc), the justification of the focus in the area becomes apparent.


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