Development Strategy of Transnational Renewable Energy Clusters in the Region of Western Macedonia

Στρατηγική ανάπτυξης CLUSTER στη Δυτική Μακεδονία CONTENTS 1. Introduction – A development strategy for the Greek TREC study area SECTION I – CLUSTERS AND THE REGIONAL ECONOMY 2. Cluster definition and Regional competitiveness 3. The Western Macedonia Regional Economy SECTION II – RENEWABLE ENERGY CLUSTER ANALYSIS IN WESTERN MACEDONIA 4. RES Stakeholder Analysis 5. Diamond model of the emerging renewable energy cluster in W. Macedonia SECTION III – FOCUS: THE BIOMASS CLUSTER OF WESTERN MACEDONIA 6. SWOT Analysis of the bioenergy cluster in Western Macedonia 7. Info and Contact Lists of the bioenergy cluster in Western Macedonia SECTION IV 8. Expected benefits from the creation of a cluster