Mapping and understanding the innovation potential of bio-economy businesses – The case of Western Macedonia focused in Agri-Food sector

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Purpose of this task and links to the feasibility actions and the regional action plans BRIDGES project regional partners have all RIS3 strategies which include bioeconomy industries. For these industries to speed up their innovation and growth potential, regions should encourage (inter alia) those segments of the industries that have the highest potential to absorb innovation and invest in it. BRIDGES project focuses on this type of businesses. We expect to identify, within the BRIDGES partnership, some 100 businesses in total, depending on the size of the regional economies and the regional population. The regional maps will reveal the level and type of innovation that can be best absorbed by the regions.
The innovation absorption potential of these companies will be analysed, based on the reports produced in each region, by the Bioeconomy expert, and matched with research options that can lead to investments. During the 3rd IPL, in Helsinki, esearch infrastrucutres from Finland and other partner countries will come together with respective businesses, to discuss and undertsand better cooperation opportunities. These findings will be analysed further during the 3rd IPL session that follows the matching event, and decisions will be made by the regional stakeholder group meetings that will follow the 3rd IPL. The decisions of these meetings will clarify 1) what type of  innovations to prioritise in the region and therefre 2) what type of projects should be generated and 3) which one(s) of these projects whould be seleced to be part of the field action of the action plan.
The regional maps will be compared and synthesised (capitalisation action), and made available through the project IE web site.

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