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Innovation Technologies for different abilities

The general objective is to improve the accessibility of public buildings, granting them full autonomy and the opportunity to be a part of the social and economic life. The aim of the project is to transform the accessibility constrains into opportunities and implement a new territory development model that involves the whole territory system and not only occasional interventions. The specific objectives of this project are: o to promote the culture of innovation; o to grant an adequate communication and information on structures’ accessibility; o to favor good practices exchange; o to promote the realization of solutions, valid for everybody; o to enhance the public awareness of social themes; o to develop the accessible design culture among corporations, institutions and public organs.

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Efficient IRrigation MAnagement tools for agricultural cultivations and urban landscapes

The general objective of IRMA is to develop, apply and promote efficient irrigation management tools and techniques. The following objectives of IRMA are inter-connected: • Development of networking - expertise transfer mechanisms; • Survey regarding the local irrigation practice; • Establishment, application and evaluation of auditing procedures for irrigation systems; • Development, application and evaluation of a fully operating information system which will provide information regarding plants’ water needs plus tools and practical guidance regarding irrigation scheduling and irrigation systems design and management. • Scientifically documented knowledge regarding draught tolerant cultivations/varieties, sensors and systems for irrigation management and alternative sources of water for agricultural and landscape irrigation; • Actions for consciousness building of public and professional training-certification regarding strategies and methods for efficient irrigation management

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