Joint Waste Prevention Plans and Promotion of Recycling


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The primary goal of the LESS WASTE project is the increase of recycling rates in the region, as well as, the promotion of waste prevention actions. LESS-WASTE’s specific objectives are: – to reduce the volume of waste going to land-filling and increase the recycling of waste materials in the cross-border area – to involve and encourage participation in waste reduction/recycling/recovery by a wide range of stakeholders – to contribute to the improvement of inter-regional understanding of waste generation, monitoring and management by providing robust baseline data. The actions foreseen involve setting-up of waste prevention & recycling plans, extensive information & publicity that demonstrate how to separate, recycle and how to re-use organic waste, training that aims at the adoption of waste management methodologies by local stakeholders and the provision of equipment for the collection of recyclables & re-use of organic waste (press containers, waste bins, home-composting bins).