Leading the way to improve Energy Efficiency in public schools and propagate the use of renewable energy sources


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One of the main challenges in the cross-border area is the lack of progress in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy-saving in public buildings. LED Project addresses this challenge, focusing on a specific group of public buildings: schools. Through children and the educational system, the adult population may be effectively sensitized which in turn will ensure the long-term impact of the Project. LED is aimed at raising public awareness on energy saving practices through a widespread environmental education campaign addressed to primary and secondary education, followed by a campaign focused on the adult population. The Project will be accompanied by the elaboration of a Cross-Border Plan to achieve common strategy between Greece and Albania (policy alignment) regarding energy efficiency and the use of RES, as well as by the creation of the LED Model towards this end,by proposing 3 specific kind of interventions (a) technological equipment for energy efficiency;(b) use of RES and (c) smart ICT technology advancements. Piloting the model will take place in three public schools, two in South Albania (Korce & Dropull) and one in Western Macedonia. Equally important, in order to meet the objectives of the Project, is the establishment of the Experiential Laboratories in the aforementioned schools, exclusively powered by solar energy, where students will be educated by experiencing the benefits of the LED Model in practice, thus raising energy awareness. The creation of the Cross-border Centers and Network will be of crucial importance for the sustainability and transferability of the Project results and outputs, developing connections, synergies and links between its members towards the promotion and dissemination of project outcomes to other competent authorities of the Programme area and beyond. The overall objective of LED Project is to improve end-users behaviour towards higher energy efficiency, which will ultimately result in the reduction of energy consumption in public buildings. Project activities will improve energy efficiency in public buildings, will promote the use of RES and raise social awareness on energy saving issues.LED innovation lies at the very core of the Project, exploiting the opportunity of educating the new generation of Cross-border citizens, since environmental education and cultivating a culture of energy efficiency awareness, as well as promoting the use of RES to students is considered the most effective way to raise environmental consciousness among Nations and achieve the overall change towards the entire population.The Project is of broad area significance, including pilot actions with best practice potential, while cross-border cooperation is needed to effectively address this common challenge, thus a coherent consortium will be created to produce concrete outputs & achieve the anticipated results, involving competent, experienced and committed Partners from both sides of the borders.


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